Training runs….

April 22, 2013


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Training runs....

This picture is from the Tiptree 10 (miles) race late last year, and I think I was one of three people who dressed up – but hey, you’ve got to ‘play’ sometimes right…!  Some people think that running is boring, but I think that occasionally, it is a case of thinking FISH.  (I’ve been reminded of the FISH principles recently after visiting the fish market in Seattle where it all started – a quick training run along the promenade at 5am before work.)  I respect the fact that the ‘loner’ sports are not for everyone, but if you are the type of person who can get some kind of meditative benefit from a solitary sport, then you can’t beat running.

Training runs (in the build up to the Ultra Marathon in June) so far have been anything up to 20 miles, and I have entered a few organised races to keep things interesting.  Colchester half was a couple of weeks ago, and we have a 10k coming up, as well as Milton Keynes marathon on May 6th.

The regular training plan includes running three or four times a week (speedwork and hills every week), one circuits class, one personal training session and whatever cycling or swimming I can fit in around my hectic life.

Tomorrow is the last long training run before Milton Keynes marathon – I’m planning on running around 20 miles, but I haven’t planned a route yet.  It’s not as much training as I’d like to do before a marathon, but priorities are priorities.  20 is enough.

Maybe I’ll just run towards Ipswich via Dedham and see where I get to….

Sponsor us – Hadrian’s Wall ultra marathon – 69 miles in 2 days.

June 22nd – 23rd 2013

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